About AutoLightCenter.Com

"And then there was (Auto) Light (Center.com)". . .from the time we first looked on the internet for automotive lighting solutions until now, we've always noticed a level of clarity was missing in how "they" do things.  We're not gonna name any names here, but we know that you're here because "they" left you in the dark, and you wanted to see the light (er) side of purchasing automotive lighting online.


A company needed to come along who lights up the place, and does Automotive Lighting like no other can.  That's how we founded AutoLightCenter.com!


When you look at the competition, and then end up on our website purchasing the automotive light products you need to customize your car's look, or conform to your state's safety standards, we want you to receive the highest quality products from us and also have the best purchasing experience online that you actually start to believe that we invented the phrase: "Look on the bright side. . ." (well, we didn't. . .but shucks the guy who's name created the phrase is John Bright -- how's that for a coinkie-dink?!?)


We've developed a base of happy customers, and would like to make you one of them once you give us the opportunity!  Making customers like you happy is how we became the "automotive lighting guys" of the internet -- just by lighting up the internet one customer at a time.


Our mission is to "keep it simple" and provide you with a straightforward, smooth, and surprise-free experience. To do this we offer:

Our "Quick-Click" Parts Search System: Click, click, click, and you'll be looking at what you want. No typing, no part numbers, no complication!
The highest quality parts and service. Every part comes with a 2-year warranty -- we won't accept anything less and neither should you!
Professional and knowledgeable staff: An official member of the Auto Body Parts Association, our employees are ASE-certified so you'll be assisted by someone with real-world experience.
Detailed product information: clear, concise, and easy-to-understand so you don't have to wonder or guess.
Fast and FREE shipping: most purchases are on their way to you within 24 hours -- how's that for service!?!
Quick Turn-Around Customer Service: we are available by e-mail and chat to help you. Our Live Chat is available from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, or you can contact us and we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. . .guaranteed.


Thanks for allowing us to light up your world!


- AutoLightCenter.com Management Team