Honda Element Tail Light

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Here are some Honda Element tail lights to brighten up your car's day: (select one below)

2009 - 2011 Honda Element Tail Light Driver Side

Only for EX or LX Models $133.95

2009 - 2011 Honda Element Tail Light Passenger Side

Only for EX or LX Models $133.95

2008 honda element tail light

Honda Element Replacement Tail Lights

Honda has been manufacturing compact and affordable sedans, coupes, and SUVs, for over fifty years. The company has a diverse lineup of small, consistent, lightweight vehicles and is known for the production of quality engines implemented into their vehicles. Honda designs four cylinder engines in a front wheel drive configuration that result in reliable and fuel-efficient passenger cars with a high resale value.

The Honda Element is a compact crossover SUV, and its production run had fallen short of a decade by two years. Though, the Element had its time in the sun with the award for Top Safety Pick and had sold over 325,000 units, the crossover SUV was discontinued in 2011. The Element with crisp and balanced handling, four-cylinder power, and Honda's reputation for consistency, designed in a unique cube shape, the Element became a popular choice for a compact SUV for many years.

There are many signals on a car to help alert other drivers to the intentions of your movements on the road. From blinkers to tail lights, these components function to help other vehicles approach, and navigate around your Honda Element. If your tail lights are broken or malfunctioning, the driver behind you can become confused as to whether or not you are slowing down or stopping, and may accidentally end up smashing into the rear of your SUV.

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