How To Replace Your Car's Lamps (Head Lamps or Tail Lamps)

Tools You Might Need:

* Screw Driver, Socket Wrench, Pliers (non-needle nose)


Step 1:  Open you car's hood and use a screw driver or socket wrench to remove the backing from the head lamp fixture assembly if one exists. Snugly pull the lamp socket out of the lamp casing to expose the head lamp.  You may use pliers to do this if it fits into the head lamp fixture assembly to snugly.  Do not use the pliers to remove the bulb as this may cause it to shatter which can cause injury.  Use a paper towel to remove the bulb if it is hot to the touch.  Alternatively, if the bulb is cool to the touch, you may use a dampened paper towel or rag to remove the bulb and avoid it slipping out of your hand.


Step 2:  You will probably need to access your tail light through the trunk of your car in most cases (consult your car's owner manual).  There may be a screw holding in your tail lamp to the tail lamp assembly fixture.  Once you've exposed the tail lamp, the replacement steps are basic and identical in most cases to that of your head lamp.


Step 3:  Pull the expired light bulb out of the socket and replace it with the new bulb.  To do this, simply push the bulb into place until you hear it snap.  Be careful not to use too much pressure as it can cause the bulb to crack or become damaged during installation.  Be sure to wipe away any moisture or oils from your skin with a paper towel or clean rag after pushing the bulb into its socket.  Oils from your skin or moisture on the bulb can cause it to explode when you activate your lights, so be sure to wipe any excess away after installation.


Step 4:  Replace the socket inside the fixture assembly.  Turn on your headlights against a wall or your garage door to ensure the new lamp is installed correctly.  If your vehicle is equipped with fog lamps and you've replaced a hi-beam, be sure to test the hi-beam by pulling back on your vehicles turn signal stalk.  Have someone stand behind your vehicle to verify the tail light is working properly.


- Management Team