Frequently Asked Questions

Q : When I click on my tracking number, it says "Not Found." Why is that?

Try checking your tracking number again after waiting a day, as it may take FedEx / USPS a day or two to update the shipping status on their site.

Q : I purchased a part from AutoLightCenter, but I no longer need it because I sold my car. Can I return it?

Parts purchased from AutoLightCenter can be returned for any reason, so long as you are within the allowed return period for your order. If the return period on your order has expired, then you cannot return a part for any reason except warranty exchange and manufacturer defects, even if you don't need the part anymore.

If the part hasn't been shipped out yet, there is a 15% cancellation fee. This is to help us cover various fees we pay, such as bank fees we're charged on your original transaction.

Q : During the shipping process, my item broke. Can I return it?

The item can be exchanged for another item of the same type. First, inform of the damaged item (within 5 days of receiving the item). Once you've told us, we will arrange and pay for the return shipping of the damaged part, as well as send you a new one.

Q : Can I pay with cash, check, or money order?

No, we do not accept payment by cash, check, or money order. However, you can pay us through other various electronic payment methods.

Q : Since I'm local to you, can I pick up my items at your warehouse rather than have you ship it to me?

Yes. However, a pick up time must be arranged, so contact us beforehand.

Q : I'd like to have this item shipped to a family member or friend. Can I do that?

Yes, but you should be aware that if the destination shipping address doesn't match the billing address of your credit card, we may contact you for verification purposes. This is all to prevent the occurrence of fraud.

Q : I'd like to purchase a part, but I need it tomorrow. Can this item be shipped to me overnight?

For some parts, overnight shipping may be available. Contact us if you need your order shipped to you overnight, and we will do our best to make it.

Q : If I present a competitor's price to you, can you match or beat it?

With most competitors' prices, we can match or beat them. However, we hold the right to decline certain price match requests. This is due to the fact that some vendors may not offer the same quality customer support as we do, may have strict return policies, or sell low-quality items.

Q : How soon will I receive my parts that I've ordered?

First of all, we are located in Sacramento, California. We will ship your items via FedEx Ground, which means your parts may take between 1 - 6 days to reach you upon shipping.

Q : The part that I need is not on your website. Can you help me find the part for my car?

No, we don't offer support in finding any parts not listed on our website.

Q : Do you ship internationally, to anywhere in the world?

Yes, via US Postal Service Priority Mail International, we ship to anywhere in the world. This is reliable and it helps you avoid any high brokerage fees that may be charged by FedEx and UPS for international orders.

Q : Do you ship to APO or FPO addresses?

Yes! We do this via the US Postal Service.